#LikeAGirl Shouldn't be an Insult

Our favorite Super Bowl ad this year was a powerful, thought-provoking spot by Proctor & Gamble's "Always," entitled #LikeAGirl. Originally released last summer, the ad challenges viewers to think about why the phrase "like a girl" is often used to belittle, diminish, or insult. When real girls are asked to show what it means to "run like a girl," "throw like a girl," or "fight like a girl," they demonstrate the power, determination, and confidence that lives within them. They're unaware that the phrase can have a negative connotation.
Our mission is to empower girls to play -- and live -- with confidence. To move, compete, play, and live unapologetically with energy, freedom, and joy.
Isn't that what it should mean to live like a girl? #LiveLikeAGirl
Lockdown Brings Light To Gender Gap In Sports - Dragonwing Girl

Lockdown Brings Light To Gender Gap In Sports

All over the world, the COVID-19 lockdown is causing the specter of gender inequality in sports to raise its head with potentially unfair regulations favoring boys' sports over girls'. What's the deal?