Hello December...and almost January! - Dragonwing Girl

Hello December...and almost January!

I know, it’s been a couple months…when I said I was a busy girl, I wasn't kidding. But I’ve made it through the rough patch of my senior year, and, more importantly, I’ve made it through another full year. They say that these last few days of the year are a time to reflect. We think about the milestone events that happened in the past 12 months. We think about the best days we had, the vacations we took, awards we achieved, tournaments we (almost) won, and friends we made. However, sometimes only the biggest events (like starting senior year, or going to the Justin Timberlake concert) come to our head. Sometimes, the bad events might even overpower the good in our memories, so we can’t smile and be proud of our year. Good or bad, that’s a lot of things to keep straight and remember about the past 12 months. Every year is a good year, it just might be tough to remember why. So, to solve that exact problem, starting January 1st of last year, I decided I was going to write down all of the highlights from the year. After every fun day, exciting night, or memorable moment, I would write down all the details of the great day. I like to include the tiny details, like “when my friend and I smiled across the room at an inside joke that our teacher said”, or “he said these exact words to me” because they’re details that can only be remembered if they’re written down. I put them on a small piece of paper, and into a jar that doesn’t get opened until December 31st. Last year, opening the notes was incredible. There were a lot of big events that I remembered, but there were also lots of little sayings or small moments that I had completely forgotten about, and opening all of them put a huge smile on my face. Since I enjoyed it so much, I decided to do it again this year, and my jar is twice as full as it was a year ago. Now, just a few short days stand in between me and all of my memories and I can’t wait to reminisce, and then start all over again next year!
SOCCER IS HERE!!!! - Dragonwing Girl


It’s finally soccer season!! I can’t believe it’s here—my senior year of soccer. It’s crazy to believe that at the end of this season, I will be done with high school. Senior night will be for me. It’s my last year in the CA jersey. Whaat.

The last time I touched a soccer ball was 10 months ago, on our last game of last season. I had no idea how good or bad I would be getting back into it. For the first 20 minutes of our first practice back, the ball definitely felt foreign, but I’ll blame it on being indoors due to the snow, not my 10 soccer-less months.

When I finally got adjusted, I remembered how much I love soccer. And competing. I had so much freakin energy and I was so ready to play 90 minutes against our biggest rivals.

We’ve got big expectations for this year. I think our team is pretty stacked, and I personally believe a state championship is in our future. We’ll see how it goes!