Made for you

We aim to empower girls by allowing them to focus on what's in front of them - rather than what they're wearing.  Our products are not just scaled-down women’s designs — they’re made for girls’ bodies.  High-quality seamless construction and technical fabrics support each garment’s function.  No fuss, full coverage designs minimize distractions! 

Our clothes are designed to support a range of activities, all day — from homeroom to homework, plus all the after-school activities in between.

The result is stylish, fashion-forward activewear and dancewear designed just for girls. We make high-quality sports bras, camis, crop tops, compression shorts and leggings and dance leotards.

We also LOVE bright and fun colors! We believe if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good!


Comfort is Confidence

 Why Dragonwing?

Shopping for intimates at this age is a minefield of messaging, inconsistent fit and sizing, activity-specific styling and prescriptive attitudes about growing up. We want to remove the tension around growing bodies, de-escalating anxiety and enabling your daughter’s healthy relationship to her body.

Growing bodies ≠ subpar clothes

Girls don’t think of their lives as “in-between” or transitional. So why do so many clothing brands treat them that way? Her life is happening right now, and she deserves to wear clothes made especially for her.

Actions speak louder than words

Real girl power comes from trying and doing, not just sloganeering. Empowerment comes from the superior fit of the product, not from superficial messaging over a just-ok product.

Why not her?

 Because anyone can be active - everyone should be comfortable. Whether she’s on the court or just hanging out with her friends, the Dragonwing girl feels secure in who she is and who she wants to be.

For gameday, and everyday