PLEASE READ: We do our ambassador searches twice a year. Our next search starts on August 15, 2024, and the season will start in September! If you complete the application below, it will not be reviewed until August.

Want to get our attention for the next search? Wear and share your Dragonwing styles on social media!


What are we looking for in a Dragonwing A+ Ambassador?

  • Active girls ages 5 to 15.  Because anyone can be active - everyone should be comfortable. Whether she’s on the court or just hanging out with her friends, the Dragonwing girl feels secure in who she is and who she wants to be.  So, even if you aren't the next Simone Biles, that is okay with us!
  • Girls that wear and love Dragonwing styles. 
  • Girls that love spreading the word to family and friends. about @dragonwinggirl on social media. We love Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok! We love photos and videos of you playing your favorite sport or just hanging out with your friends!
  • Girls that love to have fun! We can't wait to have fun with you!

What are the requirements to be a Dragonwing A+ Ambassador?

  • A strong social media presence (primarily Instagram, but we also love Facebook and Tik-Tok)
    • You post regularly on social media (weekly to daily).
    • Public social media profiles are strongly preferred.
    • We are open to applicants that do not use social media, but we would want to understand how you intend to engage with our community!
  • Post high quality photos or videos of you wearing Dragonwing Girl at least twice a month!
    • Feel free to be creative!
    • Dragonwing apparel is meant to be worn all day long! We want to see photos of you practicing your craft or hanging out with your besties!
  • Include links to Dragonwing’s website and social media.
  • Make use of Dragonwing hashtags in all posts.
  • Share your personalized discount code with followers, family, and friends.
  • We will offer weekly activities for you to increase your Ambassador points!
  • We want A+ to be a supportive and uplifting community! We want you to follow, like and comment on fellow A+ members’ posts.  We want A+ to support the next generation of confident young women!

What will a Dragonwing A+ Ambassador get in return?

  • The more you put in, the more you will get out of A+.  
  • A discount code for you to use on our online store that will never expire as long as you are an ambassador.
  • A personalized discount code for you to share with family and friends. With every purchase you will receive points that can be redeemed on our online store for free clothes!  (Ambassadors are NOT eligible for monetary compensation).
  • Dragonwing will support your social media growth and promote you as an ambassador and leader in our community.
  • An opportunity to participate in future photoshoots across the country with the professional photographers we partner with. We negotiate discounts with nationally-recognized tween and teen girl photographers so you never have to pay their full price!
  • Opportunities to participate in our Fashion Week shows (NYC, Dallas, Denver, and potentially others)
  • Opportunities to be featured on our social media pages, online store and advertisements.
  • You will be the first to know about our newest styles and be able to purchase them before your friends!
  • Top performing ambassadors will receive gifts from us and be entered into future giveaways. (Everyone loves free stuff!)
  • Participate in our bi-annual design contest! Your design could be featured in our next line!
  • Be a part of a fabulous network and community of fellow ambassadors of strong and confident young women (and new friends)!
  • Your participation in the program will be monitored twice a year. You will be required to document proof of participation.

How do we address safety concerns?

Our ambassadors’ safety is of the utmost importance to us! We will do our best to never share your personal information.  We will never share your location or last name. We always monitor our social media accounts for inappropriate comments, and we will address any situations that may arise in a timely manner.  Please reach out to us immediately if there are any issues.  Any creepers will be BLOCKED!

We will also not accept toxic social media accounts! If you account has primarily fake followers (we check analytics), Amazon wish lists or GoFundMe requests for your next vacation, you will be denied! We deem these accounts unsafe for our community.