We've been following women CEOs and their path to the C-Suite for some time. (here, here, here). Sadly -- it hasn't take us much time to update our spreadsheet on their background and progress -- until this year. For our women equality day update, we happily note that the number of women CEOs in the Fortune 500 is 6.6%, an increase from 24 in 2018 to 33 in 2019. By percentage and in raw numbers that is significant. I'll post our updated CEO list shortly and share a few of the trends I'm noticing.
  1. Unlike previous years, women aren't putting their athletics in their bios unless they were significant achievements such as Gail Koziara Boudreaux, CEO of Anthem Inc. We've been calling and emailing to fill in this data --a first for us as this has without exception been in their work, school, college or Wiki bio.
  2. A pattern of longevity with the company and/or industry is emerging -leading us to the question, Is longevity at one company the result of the tenacity, team work and resilience of gained from playing sports?
  3. As more women make it to the C-Suite, will we see a decline in women athletes and another indicator of success emerge? And if that is the case, are we starting to see those now -such as immigrant background (x% are first or second generation), socio-economic status as a child (% were from working and middle class parents), having a committed partner and children, being from the mid-west?

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