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Let’s talk about our best selling Racer Seamless Sports Bra!

Soft and sustainably made

Everything else we could say about the Racer Seamless Sports Bra wouldn’t amount to much if it weren’t really comfortable. Thankfully, when we designed it, we had support and comfort in mind, which is why the fiber blend used in each sports bra is a hybrid blend of bamboo and other fibers to keep the bra soft and pliable for extra mobility during big game moments.

I know what you’re thinking, “Bamboo? What, like the decorative plant?” You’d be right to assume that, but bamboo is actually a tremendously strong and resilient wood that is used for all sorts of construction in Asia and elsewhere around the world. However, while Bamboo also has a lengthy history of use in old-timey support garments like corsets and bustles, textile technology has recently allowed for bamboo fibers to be used in sportswear and other everyday clothing.

If you have some growing in your neighborhood, you know that bamboo grows quickly and in dense tall stands. However, you might not know that bamboo also uses way less water to grow than cotton or other natural fibers and pulls carbon dioxide out of the air more efficiently, too!

Finally, Dragonwing is proud to support factories who pay their workers a living wage, so we feel confident in providing you an end product that is overall sustainably made both ecologically and otherwise.


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Naturally less smelly

You know what else is cool about the hybrid bamboo fabric we use to make our Racer Seamless Sports Bras? They are naturally anti-microbial and can help limit unpleasant odors during extra sweaty games and practices.

That’s right! Peer-reviewed studies have shown that rayon-bamboo fabrics work wonders on smells and can even prevent staph infections from dirty or sweaty gear. So, that bus ride back from the big game won’t be nearly as unpleasant and your athlete can focus on hanging out with their teammates instead of being embarrassed by natural body odors.

Also, what about when your teen or tween leaves their sports bra in the duffel for a few days after that big tournament? Sometimes those smells never get out of the fabric and that sports bra is left smelling musty and gross for multiple washes. Simply not a problem with the Racer Seamless Sports Bra.



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More Fabric For Extra Support

Another key feature of the Racer Seamless Sports Bra is the double layered fabric that mitigates the always embarrassing situation caused by nipples or growing breasts showing through tighter uniforms or running shirts by simply providing more coverage.

Far from being a design afterthought, the Racer Seamless Sports Bra from Dragonwing was created with the double layered protection in mind to keep your athletes focused on the game and not worried about being objectified or embarrassed by uniforms or garments that aren’t designed with women in mind.

Also, if you take a peek at the back and shoulder straps, you’ll notice the straps are significantly wider than other sports bras. Those features provide additional back support while also providing extra coverage in the same vein as our double layered fabric.

Our core mission revolves around letting growing girls play at their peak, and the double layered fabric of our Racer Seamless Sports Bra does just that.


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