Last month, we dove deep on the nitty gritty behind our  Cold Weather Long Sleeve Tee, so it’s only fitting that we cover the other crucial element of our fall and winter line, the Cold Weather  Athletic Leggings.

To put it bluntly, our Cold Weather Athletic Leggings are simply a must have for athletic girls in the winter months. They keep your athlete warm, wick moisture, and are made from a stretchy and sustainable fabric that keeps the wearer cozy and comfortable in big game moments.

If the Dragonwing Girl is playing outside due to covid or has had their  fall sports season bumped to the winter, just grab one of our Cold Weather Long Sleeve Tees and a pair of our Cold Weather Leggings, and they will be stylish, comfortable, and, above all, warm all season long.

Premium comfort for a reasonable price

We have brought this up a lot, but moisture from sweat or the the atmosphere can build up in athletic wear and sap heat from the athlete’s body, this is especially true during the fall and winter months, where early practices on chilly dew-filled mornings or big games in the rain, snow, or sleet can make an athlete damp in no time flat. 

That’s why we designed our Cold Weather Athletic Leggings with a powerful moisture wicking fabric that not only wicks moisture, but also insulates the athlete.   Our Leggings and Capris are made from recycled plastic bottles - so they are good for your athlete and the environment!

The result: your Dragonwing Girl stays drier and warmer longer, and is able to stay focused on the task at hand - playing her heart out on the field.

Another great feature of our Cold Weather Leggings is the tagless brushed fabric feeling on the interior of the garment that feels soft to the touch, especially in comparison to other polypropylene thermals out there that can be itchy or trap hair follicles for a pinching feeling. 

These are not your grandma’s long johns. They are made from premium fibers that stretch and move in 4 directions with your athlete so they can maintain peak performance during any weather. 

Bar none, you will have a tough time finding a better performing pair of thermal leggings, because we pride ourselves in designing a garment with tween and teen athletes in mind!

Made with our environment in mind

As with many of our garments, we set out to make these Cold Weather Leggings sustainably with recycled materials, because we know that the sportswear industry in general is extremely taxing on our environment and pumps out  literal gigatons of greenhouse gasses each year, with more to come by 2043. That’s scary stuff.

To reduce our environmental footprint, Dragonwing has made a concerted effort to design products using post-consumer recycled material and sustainable fibers like bamboo to minimize impact while providing a premium garment that will stand the test of time, so you do not need to buy another pair each season - also lessening ecological impact.

Does using recycled and sustainable materials mean that we have to skimp on comfort, thermal insulation, or moisture wicking for these Cold Weather Leggings? Absolutely not. 

We believe you and your Dragonwing Girl will be extremely satisfied with your purchase and can take heart in knowing that these leggings, and all Dragonwing Girlgear products, were designed with sustainability as a priority.

Available in multiple cuts

We’re aware that not everyone has the same cold tolerance, and some athletes run a little hotter than others, so we’ve made our Cold Weather Athletic Leggings in two lengths to accommodate the athlete in your life who needs a capri length. You know - the one who wants to turn the heat off in the dead of winter?

These Capri length leggings are also perfect for chilly morning runs where you don’t need the warmth of a full length legging or competing in the early fall or spring when temperatures are not oppressively cold but you still want your athlete to keep warm in practice or on the field.

Both lengths of leggings are made with the same comfortable and moisture wicking thermal materials, so you can feel confident that no matter what length of legging you order, you will receive a top quality garment that will keep the Dragonwing Girl in your life warm and comfy.

Perfect gift for the holidays

With winter just around the corner, we think you should grab a pair or two of these leggings for the Dragonwing Girl in your life. 

They make an excellent stocking stuffer and are truly a gift that gives back with superior fit, superior performance, unparalleled comfort, and a sustainable footprint that makes for a seriously excellent pair of leggings.

Your athlete will be warm, stylish, and able to perform her very best.

As always, feel free to reach out by email, our chat feature, or on social media if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!

All the best,


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