Happy Mother's Day from Dragonwing girls everywhere We put out a call for special Mother's Day messages, and Dragonwing girls responded with heartfelt thanks for the many gifts their mother's give them, day in and day out, in every season and in every sport: - logistical help (driving and laundry were mentioned A LOT!); - sideline cheers and pep talks; - special meals and countless snacks; - being a role model, and - unconditional love.
All of us at Dragonwing girlgear thank you, dear mothers, for raising and empowering your daughters -- and sharing them with the world!
Here are a few messages that capture the love, appreciation, and gratitude expressed by so many girls. Celia: I'm so lucky to have your wonderful example of strength, compassion, curiosity & kindness. Emma: I'm grateful to call her my proudest supporter and best friend. Lindsay: Thank you for helping me be the best athlete I can be!

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