Hey Girlz 2 Women! I wanted to share a bit about a different sport- ROCK CLIMBING! If you've never tried it before, it is a blast. I know many people who have tried other sports and they feel awkward, unfit or uncomfortable for any number of reasons, but then they found climbing. Rock climbing is a whole different world that helps you explore your inner self, test your limits, learn about your body and feel great in the process. I'm 42 (old in girls years) and only started climbing when I was 34, much later than most people. But in that time, I have found a better sense of self, learned not to second-guess myself so much, met so many wonderful people in the climbing community, and explored beautiful places around the country where I've climbed for days at a time. Triangle Rock Club is a climbing gym in Morrisville, NC where I now teach climbing. One of the classes I teach is called Women on the Wall, which is focused on general climbing techniques, and a brief history of female climbers and exploration of the benefits we have as women in the climbing world.The class is an empowering atmosphere in which to learn the basics. If you are interested in exploring something new, you can find more info at Feel free to ask for me! There is a wonderful blog online focused just on girls and rock-climbing. You should check it out - you'll actually find a little feature on little ol' me - . Rock on, girlfriends! -Sarah Wolfe, Rock Climbing Instructor at Triangle Rock Club.

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