Pick a path with heart
I know, I know. The wise fortune cookie writers probably had deeper endeavors in mind when writing this fortune. Oh well. Today, I picked my path with heart. Today, a Sunday in late January, my path was Netflix. I woke up at 9:03 am. It took me until 10:47 am to get out of bed. An hour and 44 minutes. That would be a full run through my Twitter and Instagram timelines, the Snapchat stories, my texts—all three of them—and two full episodes of "Lost." A great morning if you ask me. At 10:47, since I had already wasted those two hours, I decided the window for productivity for the entire day had closed. Basically, I ruined the possibility for anything to actually get done (other than finishing another season) I continued. This time with some food in my system.
If there's anything better than a Netflix day, it's a Netflix day with really really good snacks.
Is there real stuff I could be doing? Well, of course. I'll get it done. Maybe...tomorrow (I promise that isn't what I said yesterday). And besides, filling out statistics worksheets brings me about one-third of the joy that muscly shirtless boys do walking around "The Island" trying to save the world. And while I might have to scramble to finish my worksheet before class tomorrow, at least I can say something like, "it was my fortune to enjoy my day like this!" Nobody can get mad at the universe (or the universes' messengers in the form of fortune writers), right?! Lucky numbers: 50: Number of handfuls of goldfish I’ve scooped into my mouth 47: Number of minutes per episode 22: Number of episodes in a season 1: Number of seasons I started and finished today 35: Number of times I thought about working out (Coincidentally, it’s also the number of times I chose not to workout) 20: Minutes it would take to just finish the worksheet

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