As we trudge through the thick of winter, it becomes increasingly difficult to muster our strength and go outside to exercise. Whether it be a walk, run or an evening soccer practice, doing any these activities requires commitment by our bodies to absorb the cold air and crank out sweat. This combination between cold, wind-whipped air and the heat inside of us, causing our muscles to scream, is a tremendous burden to put on our bodies. But don’t let winter stop you from enjoying your sport. If you can play indoors, then take advantage of that. Look for a local facility where you and a few friends can kick the soccer ball around, hit a few tennis balls, swing a few bats, shoot a few hoops or even run a few miles. Or, if you can’t get to an indoor facility, try doing some small exercises at home to get your muscles working. From core exercises, to pushups, to even some comfortable and relaxing yoga, you can turn your house into your own personal gym. Sure, it’s tough to stay as active during the winter as you are during the summer. But remember, athletes train every season, including Olympic athletes. The winter is just another challenge to conquer. Also, chances are most of your fellow teammates or opponents aren’t doing that much this winter, so take advantage of that and come out spring season flying! However, for the brave few that can combat the cold, remember: be smart when the weather dips below freezing; your body can only take so much.

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