Being an athlete definitely has its perks and one of my favorite ones is that you get to eat whenever and whatever you want. At least I think I do. In reality, while staying active and fit can grant you the pleasure of indulging on unhealthy food, not all food is helps you raise your game. Food is absolutely essential to the success of any athlete, but with the right balance of nutrients and carbohydrates, athletes can maximize their success and perform at higher levels . What I eat before and after a practice or game has a lot of impact on how I feel the rest of the day and during any athletic activity. If I eat high sugary foods, I feel sluggish and tired during the day. On the field, I don’t run as fast or have as much So what types of food does an athlete want to eat to maximize their performance? ----Quote from nutritionist---- The key for athletes are carbohydrates turn into a form of sugar known as glucose that gets stored in your body as energy. Athletes heavily depend on carbohydrates while prepping for a practice or game. If an athlete can’t grab a balanced meal prior to a practice or game, she can snack on granola or energy bars, possibly with some fruit as well. The reason why energy bars or fruit are good choices either before or during a workout is that these types of sugars (called refined carbohydrates) can pass through the bloodstream easily. Post workout meals can vary and should be rich with nutrients. Many athletes like to have chocolate milk after a workout and research studies have shown that chocolate milk does in fact replenish muscles with the carbohydrates and protein they need. In addition, protein will sustain the muscles in the body, maintaining strength post work out Drinking fluids are absolutely essential as well. Water is an athlete’s best friend, she may need electrolytes as well which are easily found in sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade. Electrolytes give…The key to a successful diet can be easily summed up in a word: balance. It is all about balancing both the amount you eat and what you eat. Being an athlete is great, but just remember you can make your experience and performance on the field even greater with eating smart and healthy.

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