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Over the last few years, compression shorts have become the undergarments of choice for high performance athletes. But if you’re a tween or teen girl, and want to get the optimal fit compression shorts for your chosen sport, it’s not always easy. 

That’s why Dragonwing exists. We’re here to equip young female athletes with perfect form fitting girl’s compression shorts to wear for their favorite sports.  

Female sportswear has come a long way in the last century or so. To show you how much, let’s dive into a brief history of athletic wear for women...

Picture if you will, the Victorian female athlete, preparing for a day of sport. First, the woollen knickerbockers. Then the full length scratchy woollen stockings, the corset, the starched cotton shirt, and finally, the full length skirt. (Got to hide those ankles.) It’s amazing more female athletes didn’t die of heat stroke. 

Fortunately, over the last century, female athletes have gone from this:

Victorian Actionwear


To this:

So things have progressed for women. That’s good. But there’s still progress to be made. 

There’s plenty of compression clothing out there for young male athletes. There are many options for adult female athletes. But when MaryAnne Gucciardi, the founder of Dragonwing, went looking for high performance clothing for her tween daughter, there just wasn’t much available. This became Dragonwing’s mission: athletic apparel for the younger generation of sportswomen. 

Let’s go back a step though. Why compression shorts? 

First, there’s the obvious benefit of compression wear: they prevent chafing. When you’re wearing Dragonwing compression shorts, there’s no more bunching, wedgies, awkward sweat patches and shorts riding up. Skirts flying high as you race around the field is no longer an issue. And high quality, high performing material will wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you warm and dry. 

Studies have shown that wearing compression garments for 30 minutes after exercise helps to decrease the heart rate and lactic acid buildup in athletes. This means you recover faster, and are less prone to injuries. 

Some sports scientists believe the compression these garments create, helps with coordination and blood flow. The uniform pressure helps with your biometrics by smoothing out muscle movement during running and sports. 

It’s essential to get a good fit if your compression shorts are going to do their job. 


How do you choose the best girl’s compression shorts for you and your sport?

First, the shorts need to be gender appropriate. Designs intended for male athletes or unisex do not give the right fit needed for the compression to do its work. 

Second, shorts need to be age appropriate. Teen and pre-teen athletes need sizing designed specifically for their growing body.  A smaller version of adult women’s sizes are not as precise a fit.

At Dragonwing, we believe that by providing high performance garments for girl athletes we’re sending an important message: it’s both an acceptable and positive to be a young female athlete. 

Dragonwing girl compression shorts have been made especially for young female athletes to play and be their best – in sports and life. That’s why we’re here: to supply your tween or teen with the best high performance gear available.

How do you tell if the compression shorts are the right fit?

Compression shorts should be comfortable, but with no loose fabric or ‘gathers’ anywhere. You should aim for a tight but not constrictive fit, so there’s no opportunity for chafing. If they’re uncomfortably tight, this may restrict circulation, in which case you should go up a size. (Check our size guide to select the right shorts for you.)

If you’re in a team sport, the compression shorts are worn underneath your uniform shorts or skirt. It’s the same for track and field sports. So try them on together to insure the layered fit is comfortable and allows for movement.

Some athletes don’t wear underwear beneath their compression shorts.  It’s a personal preference, and both options are fine.

Girl’s compression shorts design features

Dragonwing compression shorts feature silver-infused mesh side panels for coolness and odor control. Our four-way stretch fabric is made from moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. Importantly, our bluesign® approved fabric, - the highest rating for sustainably sourced and produced textiles, is high performance and good for the environment.

All our shorts have flat seam stitching to reduce friction and chafing. Our waistband is an important part of the shorts - when fitting, it should feel snug and stay in place.

It’s important for young female athletes to wear high performance gear that fits perfectly. It helps with confidence and performance so they can focus on the skill-building fun of sports without distraction.


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