In our last article, we covered  when you should get your tween their first sports bra, but now that you know when, the next daunting decision is what kind of sports bra should you get?

With the market flooded with different styles, coverage levels, sizes, support systems, and fabrics, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up picking something off the rack at one of the big box websites. I’m here to tell you that not all sports bras are made alike, and it’s important to pick the right style and fit for your young athlete!

In guiding parents and tweens through making the right choice, I’ve always been partial to a 3 step decision process that should help you, too.

Step 1: Which Fabric?

In the realm of sports bras and tops, fabric is key. Basically, you want a fiber that’s going to wick moisture, keep you cool, and support movement, while at the same time avoiding uncomfortable tags and elastics which can lead to chafing.

Spandex, nylon or polyester blends do a good job of wicking moisture, but you’ll definitely want to steer clear of cotton, which essentially does the opposite and gets heavy while holding on to sweat.

With Dragonwing, we use a proprietary moisture wicking fabric blend for all of our sports bras and athletic camis to keep active athletes cool and comfortable while maintaining crucial support on the field and off.


Step 2: Which Style?

Once you’ve locked down the optimal fabric for your child’s first sports bra, the next step is picking a style of sports bra that fits their needs best.

At first glance, it’s easy to assume that all sports bras are created equal i, but picking the right one can actually be a tough decision based on where, when, and what your athlete will be doing (i.e. what sport they’ll be playing), in addition to their support needs.

If your child competes in triathlons or plays a sport like soccer, softball, lacrosse, or track, and you live in a warm climate, they might need more ventilation for moisture wicking to stay cool and dry on the field. In that case, I’d recommend one of our Keyhole Sports Bras, which feature minimal straps and fabric for maximum airflow and comfort.

The keyhole is also great for tennis because of its mobility, and many of our customers sleep in the bra because it’s made of less fabric, but has all the softness and support of an increased coverage garment.

However, if your tween or teen is more developed and needs more support in their sports, a Racer Seamless Sports Bra or Racer Mesh Sports Bra provide more than adequate reinforcement, so your athlete can play hard without pain or feeling self conscious.

Not sure if a full sports bra is right for your budding tween? We also make a Half Tee Sports Top that is light, stretchy, and still maintains a baseline of support for smaller athletes.

Another important note that can go overlooked is that our bras offer extra coverage in the under arm area for increased coverage while wearing uniforms that are unisex or designed for boys. These uniforms can often be quite open and let folks see through the sleeve. They can also cause other sports bras to ride up due to their baggy nature, but not ours! With the extra coverage from a Dragonwing bra, girls can be confident and keep their heads in the game instead of worrying about embarrassing “wardrobe malfunctions.”

Whichever style you choose, Dragonwing Girl is committed to making sure you get the best fit and quality possible. We pride ourselves in making sports tops that meet the standard at which your young athlete is playing. If you have any questions about the right size to order, feel free to consult our sizing chart.

Step 3: Which Color?

Now we’ve gotten to the fun part. Once you’ve decided the fabric and style of your teen’s sports bra, you get to decide on colors!

Maybe they’d like a neutral color that matches with most uniforms, or maybe they have a lucky color for game days. Either way, Dragonwing has them covered with fun and vibrant colors in all of our designs.

For example, our Racer Seamless Sports Bra is available in a wide range of colors from the summery white/lime variation to a fierce  black/grey colorway that looks great while providing unparalleled support. 

Or try our Keyhole sports bra available in lime green and royal blue: 


Teen Sports Bra



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