By MaryAnne Gucciardi

With temperatures dropping and leaves beginning to change color, it’s clear that fall is here, even though it might not feel like it for those of us in North Carolina.

With those chilly fall mornings and winter right around the corner, layering up your tween or teen athlete is paramount to keeping them focused on the field at this time of year. 

As you may have seen, we put out an article this month that ran down some tips and tricks to staying warm and properly layered, so I thought now might be a great chance to spotlight my favorite cold weather accessory, our Cold Weather Long Sleeve Tee.

At Dragonwing, we think these long sleeve thermal tops are an absolute essential, so here are some of the benefits of this rock solid top.



Comfortable and insulating thermal base layer

A thermal top that isn’t cozy and comfortable wouldn’t be much of a thermal top at all, and ours has comfort and warmth warmth in spades!

Made from a hybrid weave of recycled polyester and bamboo that wicks moisture to keep the wearer warm and dry, our Cold Weather Long Sleeve Tee also stretches 4 ways to match your athlete’s movement to keep from bunching, or riding up to expose your athlete to a cold blast of winter air on the field or on the slopes.

Also, when designing this garment, we wanted to keep it as comfortable as possible for long days, so it’s designed to be form-fitting, tag free and seamless on the inside to make certain your athlete won’t be itchy or chafed by seams.


Sustainable and Antimicrobial

Another benefit of our Cold Weather Long Sleeve Tees, is that the fabric itself is naturally antimicrobial while effectively managing moisture and wicking sweat.

As we previously discussed in our winter sports prep article this month, your athlete might start out cold at the beginning of a game or practice, but if properly layered will warm up when getting active. That can create sweat which actively works against the thermal conservation of lesser fabrics, and can create some funky odors over time (Especially if the garment is being used a few times in between washes). 

Not only that, the entire garment is made with a healthy portion of sustainable bamboo fiber that’s easy on the environment and your athlete’s skin, so there are no worries all around.

However, don’t let the sustainable footprint of this long sleeve tee fool you, it is a serious base layer that will perform at the same level as your athlete.


It Has Thumbholes!

One of my other personal favorite features of the Cold Weather Long Sleeve Tee are the sewn-in thumbholes, which allow your athlete to really stay warm on the field by keeping the sleeve down under shirts and jackets -and protecting extremities. When worn with gloves or mittens during skiing or hockey, it can also keep all the hand layers from bunching together and chafing or causing hot spots.

Gone are the days of freezing fingers and frigid palms, because these tops let the wearer keep their hands in the shirt, kind of like mini fingerless gloves built right into your base layer!

Our thumb-holes come in clutch for sports where hand dexterity is a must, like lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, golf, or softball, and we think they are a very neat feature to have in a high performance thermal layer.

Perfectly Sized For Tweens and Teens

Like all of our Dragonwing girlgear products, our Cold Weather Long Sleeve Tee is sized appropriately for teens and tweens of all shapes and sizes, and we take great care in making sure that your athlete gets a great fit with any of our garments.

Unlike other sportswear brands, Dragonwing girlgear is designed specifically for young athletic bodies that work hard on the field. 

Have a look at our sizing chart, and if you have any further questions just reach out by chat or text or email.  We’re always happy to chat with Dragonwing girls and their parents!

With fall in full swing, and winter around the corner, our thermal long sleeve tees are a crucial addition to any athlete’s bag. It’s a fantastic moisture wicking, four way stretching, anti-microbial sustainable thermal base layer designed with athletic girls and the sports they play in mind to minimize malfunction on the field so they can play and be their best in sports and life.

Thanks again,


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