The sports bra will mark an anniversary of sorts on Thursday, July 10: 15 years after 20-year-old Brandi Chastain pulled off her jersey in celebration of her winning goal in the Women's World Cup and fell to her knees wearing her (plain black) sports bra and shorts. Brandi Chastain goal in 1999 Women's World Cup brought Sports bra public Sports bras came into the public after that and today come in many styles and colors. According to a history of the sports bra by Ladies Only Sports -- a fascinating read -- the first sports bra "prototype" was two jock straps sewn together. It's no stretch to say that the sports bra revolutionized women's sports, making it possible for women to play active sports without breast discomfort or injury. That's been great for women, but until recently, girls (pre-teens and teens) had been left behind - that's where Dragonwing girlgear comes in. Despite the huge increase in girls' sports, no one was making quality sports bras designed to fit girls' bodies. Most young girls whose bodies are just beginning to developing have to wear multiple camisoles or t-shirts. Older girls are forced to look for small sizes in the women's section. Enter Dragonwing girlgear, maker of athletic apparel -- sports bras, compression shorts, and sports camis -- designed just to fit tween and teen girls, ages 8-17. Our sports bras and camis are designed for girls at all stages of development. Racer sports bra for teen, tween girl Dragonwing products differ from others on the market in that they're made of high-quality fabrics that are meant for real athletes -- moisture-wicking, seamless and tag-free to prevent chafing -- and designed for movement without riding up. Dragonwing girlgear sports bras give girls the fit, comfort, and performance needed to play their best, whether celebrating a game-winning goal, playing on a hot summer day, or changing jerseys on the sideline. Keyhole sports bra for tween, teen, girl

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