Half of all managers in the U.S. are female, but most are stuck in midlevel staff jobsIn senior posts, men outnumber women by almost six to one.
negative assessment of athletic ability didn't crush them -- Denise analyzed the comment and then worked to fix it. They are in it for the long game. Exposure to business terms and concepts delivered with respect (like girls are too stupid to get it) Re fire twirliing -- parents have fear of injury -- but instead of passing that fear on her mother made a fire proof costume and passed on ingeniuity and solution.

Maggie, "the one who was always pushing the envelope, Nixon story -not afraid to ask at the highest level for what she wants and unwilling to be patronized. An assistant to President Nixon told her the president appreciated her invitation to a local benefit for Vietnam Veterans but couldn't attend. "Isn't he at least going to pay for the dinner tickets I sent?" Maggie asked. The president's check arrived the next week. Indicator -got first job in high school. Advice -do sales, quantifiable. Comfortable being the only woman in the room and pride in being a pioneer. Family as a support network -- and if this is not your situation, then a family of friends. Get where the power is --ceo hub -- you won't get anywhere if you don't try. Family support to keep working if you wish, when you have children. Think entrepreneurily within the corporation and create your own opportunity if you aren't where you want to be (nabisco story with denise) on a personal level, it matters who you marry all are married to men who accommodate their wives' careers and don't seem threatened by their spouses' achievements or job demands.

"Anytime anyone sold something, they rang the bell -- and even though it seemed hokey at first, it made people feel like winners," she says. In 10 months, the region went from last to first place. --lesson -celebrate wins big and small. (gong at ilab)

make their own opportunities

can girls be taught to be successful and free up emotional baggage from social media and societal expectations so they can actualize their potential.

Importance of one parent -father or mother or both, in encouraging and exposing skills and advocating. (healthy marriage could be an indicator -parents aligned in value system.)

what can coaches take from the parenting skills of these parents -- allow failure as girls broaden their skill set. This means no punishment, bullying or recrimination. Shame and fear of punishment will hold back performance.

Be aggressive in your ideas and goals but not neccesarily your demeaner (Denise Morrison)

the sisters mentored each other

marketing plan story

girls learn lessons every day -how can we make these positive and informative

"While we're climbing the ladder with one hand, we need to have another hand to pull women along from behind. I do that every day," Wilderotter said.

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